Acer pictum subsp. mayrii

Family Aceraceae (also placed in Sapindaceae)
Scientific name Acer pictum Thunberg subsp. mayrii (Schwerin) H. Ohashi
Synonyms Acer mayrii Schwerini; Acer mono Maximovicz var. mayrii (Schwerin) Sugimoto; Acer mono Maximovicz subbsp. mayrii (Schwerin) Kitamura; Acer pictum Thunberg var. mayeii (Schwerin) Henry; Acer truncatum Bunge subsp. mayrii (Schwerin) E. Murray
Common name (Japanese common name) aka-itaya (アカイタヤ, 赤板屋 [meaning: red itaya-kaede (itaya-kaede = Acer pictum Thunberg)])
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Hokkaido, Honshu (north of Shimane region, mainly in Japan Sea side)
(Other nations) none
Chromosomal number unknown
Description Plants 15-20m tall. Leaves 7-15cm long. Flowers pale green 5-7mm across, flowering in April to May, fruits 2-3cm long. Deciduous. Arbor trees.
Reference Acer pictum subsp. mayerii (Schwer.) H. Ohashi

May 2009
at mountane forest