Erythrina variegata

Family Fabaceae (alt. Leguminosae)
Scientific name Erythrina variegata L.
Synonyms Chirocalyx candolleanus Walpers; Chirocalyx divaricatus Walpers; Chirocalyx indicus Walpers; Chirocalyx pictus Walpers; Corallodendron divaricatum (Sessé & Mocíño ex de Candolle) Kuntze; Corallodendron orientale (L.) Kuntze; Corallodendron spathaceum (de Candolle) Kuntze; Erythrina alba Cogniaux & Marchal; Erythrina boninensis Tuyama; Erythrina carnea Blanco; Erythrina corallodendron Loureiro; Erythrina corallodendron Loureiro var. orientalis L.; Erythrina divaricata de Candolle; Erythrina indica Lamarck; Erythrina indica Lamarck var. alba W. S. Millard & E. Blatter; Erythrina lithosperma Blume ex Miquel; Erythrina lobulata Miquel; Erythrina loureiroi G. Don; Erythrina marmorata Veitch ex Planchon; Erythrina mysorensis Gamble; Erythrina orientalis (L.) Murray; Erythrina parcellii Bull; Erythrina phlebocarpa Bailey; Erythrina picta L.; Erythrina rostrata Ridley; Erythrina spathacea de Candolle; Erythrina variegata L. forma alba Maheshwari; Erythrina variegata L. forma marmorata (Hort. ex Veitch) Maheshwari; Erythrina variegata L. forma mysorensis Maheshwari; Erythrina variegata L. forma orientalis (L.) Maheshwari; Erythrina variegata L. forma parcellii (Bull) Maheshwari; Erythrina variegata L. forma picta (L.) Maheshwari; Erythrina variegata L. var. orientalis (L.) Merrill; Gelala alba Rumphius; Gelala litorea Rumphius; Tetradapa javanorum Osbeck
Common name (Japanese common name) deigo
(English common name) coral tree
Distribution (Japan) Ogasawara Islands, Okinawa
(Other nations) China, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, French Polynesia, Fiji, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Comoros, Madagascar, Seychelles, Tanzania
Chromosomal number n=21, 2n=42
Description Plants 10-15m tall. Leaves leaflets 4-10cm. Flowers inflorescences 20-30cm, red flowers each 5-8cm, flowering in April to May. Deciduous. Arbor trees.
Reference Erythrina variegata L.
Erythrina variegata L.
Erythrina variegata
Isoflavonoid antibacterial compounds, compositions and use (US Patent 5399558/1995)
Use of recombinant inhibitor from Erythrina caffra for purifying serine proteases (US Patent 5958722/1999)
Conjugates of galactose-binding lectins and clostridial neurotoxins as analgesics (US Patent 7052702/2006)
Cosmetic composition and production thereof (US Patent 20060018867)
Maillard reaction inhibitor and dermal preparation for external use containing the same (Japanese Patent JP3695472/2005)

March 2007
at Koishikawa Botanical Garden
March 2007
at Koishikawa Botanical Garden