Smilax china

Family Smilacaceae (also placed in Liliaceae)
Scientific name Smilax china L.
Synonyms Coprosmanthus japonicus Kunth; Smilax china L. var. microphylla Nakai; Smilax china L. var. taiheiensis (Hayata) T. Koyama; Smilax ferox Bentham; Smilax japonica (Kunth) A. Gray; Smilax pteropus Miquel; Smilax sebaea Miquel; Smilax taiheiensis Hayata; Smilax taquetii Léveillé; Smilax thomsoniana A. de Candolle
Common name (Japanese common name) sarutori-ibara (サルトリイバラ, 猿捕茨 [meaning: monkey catching vine])
(English common name) China-root
Distribution (Japan) Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
(Other nations) Korea, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, India
Habitat Mountane forest edge
Chromosomal number 2n=90
Description Plants 3m long. Leaves 3-12cm long. Flowers yellow green, flowering in April to May. Deciduous. Vine.
Reference Smilax china L.
Smilax china L.
Make-up remover composition for the face and eyes (US Patent 4323468/1982)
Herbicidal compositions and herbicidal processes (US Patent 4309208/1982)
Stable emulsions obtained from a natural emulsifier stabilized with aloes juice (US Patent 4481185/1984)
Capillary cosmetic composition containing a sarsaparilla extract (US Patent 4604282/1986)
Herbicidal compositions and herbicidal processes (US Patent 4622060/1986)
Antibiotic having herbicidal activity (US Patent 4613355/1986)
Capillary cosmetic composition for washing disentangling hair containing a plant extract containing saponins (US Patent 4800080/1989)
Formulation for alleviating symptoms associated with arthritis (US Patent 5683698/1997)
Compositions for curing diabetes mellitus, processes for the preparation of same, and usage of same (US Patent 5773004/1998)
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Therapeutic agents for respiratory diseases (US Patent 6309674/2001)
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May 2007
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May 2007
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