Ficus erecta

Family Moraceae
Scientific name Ficus erecta Thunberg
Synonyms Ficus beecheyana Hooker & Arnott; Ficus beecheyana forma koshunensis (Hayata) Sata; Ficus beecheyana forma tenuifolia Sata; Ficus beecheyana var. koshunensis (Hayata) Sata; Ficus erecta forma sieboldii (Miquel) Corner; Ficus erecta var. beecheyana (Hooker & Arnott) King; Ficus erecta var. beecheyana (Hooker & Arnott) King forma koshunensis (Hayata) Corner; Ficus erecta var. sieboldii (Miquel) King; Ficus japonica Blume; Ficus japonica Blume var. sieboldii (Miquel) King; Ficus koshunensis Hayata; Ficus maruyamensis Hayata; Ficus sieboldii Miquel; Ficus tenax Blume
Common name (Japanese common name) inu biwa (イヌビワ, 犬枇杷 [meaning: dwarf biwa (biwa = Japanese lute)])
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Honshu (west of Kanto region), Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa
(Other nations) Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam
Chromosomal number 2n=34
Description Plants 4m tall. Leaves 10-20cm long. Deciduous. Shrub.
Reference Ficus erecta Thunberg
Ficus erecta Thunb.
Method to ascertain the quality of herbs (US Patent 6855343/2005)
Method for detecting and ascertaining the presence of active ingredients in herbs (European Patent EP1367394)
Note Some authors may identify narrow leaves type Ficus erecta as Ficus erecta var. sieboldii.

December 2006
at Koishikawa Botanical Garden
December 2006
at Koishikawa Botanical Garden