Ardisia crenata

Family Myrsinaceae
Scientific name Ardisia crenata Sims
Synonyms Ardisia bicolor E. Walker; Ardisia crenata Sims var. bicolor (E. Walker) C. Y. Wu & C. Chen; Ardisia crispa (Thunberg) A. de Candolle var. taquetii H. Léveillé; Ardisia konishii Hayata; Ardisia kusukusensis Hayata; Ardisia labordei H. Léveillé; Ardisia lentiginosa Ker Gawler; Ardisia linangensis C. M. Hu; Ardisia miaoliensis S. Y. Lu; Bladhia crenata (Sims) H. Hara; Bladhia crispa Thunberg var. taquetii (H. Léveillé) Nakai; Bladhia lentiginosa (Ker Gawler) Nakai var. lanceolata Masamune
Common name (Japanese common name) man-ryo [ten thousand ryo (ryo = a currency unit in Edo era)]
(English common name) coral bush, coralberry tree, spiceberry
Distribution (Japan) Honshu (south of Kanto region), Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa
(Other nations) Korea, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, India
Chromosomal number unknown
Description Leaves 4-13cm. Flowers white 8mm, flowering in July. Evergreen. Shrub.
Reference Ardisia crenata Sims
Ardisia crenata Sims
Ardisia crispa (Thunberg) A. de Candolle
Transformant producing secondary metabolite modified with functional group and novel biosynthesis genes (US Patent 7109018/2006)
Agent for combatting pest organisms (Japanese Patent JP59128319/1984)
Delovery of small doses of ingestible treatments (WIPO Patent WO/2001/022934)

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