Chaenomeles japonica

Family Rosaceae
Scientific name Chaenomeles japonica (Thunberg) Lindley ex Spach
Synonyms Chaenomeles maulei (Masters) C. K. Schneider; Cydonia japonica (Thunberg) Persoon; Cydonia lagenaria Loisel.; Pyrus japonica Thunberg; Pyrus maulei Masters
Common name (Japanese common name) kusa boke [herbal boke (boke = Chaenomeles speciosa)], Shidomi
(English common name) Japanese quince, Japanese flowering quince, dwarf quince, lesser flowering quince, Maule's quince
Distribution (Japan) Honshu (west of Kanto region), Shikoku, Kyushu
(Other nations) none
Chromosomal number 2n=34
Description Plants 1-3m. Leaves 5-15cm. Flowers red 2.5cm, flowering in March to May. Deciduous. Shrub.
Reference Chaenomeles japonica (Thunb.) Lindl. ex Spach
Chaenomeles japonica (Thunberg) Lindley ex Spach
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Note Native to Japan.

March 2007
at Ushiku Forest Park
March 2007
at Ushiku Forest Park
March 2007
at Ushiku Forest Park