Rosa multiflora

Family Rosaceae
Subfamily Rosoideae
Tribe Roseae
Scientific name Rosa multiflora Thunberg ex Murray
Synonyms Rosa cathayensis (Rehder & E. H. Wilson) L. H. Bailey; Rosa xfloribunda hort. ex Andrews; Rosa multiflora Thunberg ex Murray var. carnea Thory; Rosa multiflora Thunberg ex Murray var. cathayensis Rehder & E. H. Wilson; Rosa multiflora Thunberg ex Murray var. platyphylla Thory [Rosa multiflora Thunberg ex Murray forma watsoniana (Crépin) Matsumura is a cultivar of Rosa multiflora Thunberg ex Murray]
Common name (Japanese common name) noibara (ノイバラ, 野薔薇 [meaning: wild rose])
(English common name) multiflora rose
Distribution (Japan) Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
(Other nations) Korea, China, Taiwan
Chromosomal number 2n=14, 21
Description Plants 1-2m. Leaves 2-4 pairs leaflets each 2-5cm length. Flowers white 5cm, flowering in May to June. Deciduous. Shrub.
Reference Rosa multiflora Thunb.
Rosa multiflora Thunberg
Rosa multiflora
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